Executing python script in non-interactive mode on cygwin (windows)

Sybren Stuvel sybrenUSE at YOURthirdtower.com.imagination
Mon Jan 23 03:15:23 EST 2006

Pankaj enlightened us with:
> But i think python is worse than perl

No it isn't.

> It takes to interactive mode , which i don;t want to use.

Then don't use it.

> "python scriptname.py"
> does not execute python script

Yes it does.

> 1. I placed these contents in a file named "1.py"
> a,b=0,1
> n=5
> while n<=0:

Which is immediately false.

> on "cygwin shell in windows"
> i gave  "python 1.py"
> hoping that  it will exeucte and give me output, but nothing was
> printed

Which is correct for your program.

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