indentation messing up my tuple?

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Fri Jan 27 19:45:54 EST 2006

i have the following code which is used to create a tuple of food and
drink.  if the page i am trying to scrape has a total of 10 food/drink
items that i end up getting a nice list of 10 food/drink items in my
text file BUT they are all a repeat of the first item so i end up
getting a text file that looks like this:

shrimp, coke
shrimp, coke
shrimp, coke

instead of being

shrimp, coke
hamburger, oj

here is my code:

    for row in bs('div',  {'style' : 'both'}):

    	for incident in bs('h3',  {'class' : 'name'}):
        	foodlist = []
		for oText in incident.fetchText( oRE):
            		foodlist.append(oText.strip() + "','")
		food = ''.join(foodlist)

    	for incident in bs('span',  {'class' : 'drink'}):
		drink = incident.findNextSibling('a', {'class': 'nojs'})
		drinklist = []
		for oText in drink.fetchText( oRE):
            		drinklist.append(oText.strip() + "','")
		drink = ''.join(drinklist)

    	tuple = (food + drink + "\n")
    	f = open("test.txt", 'a')
    	f.write ( ''.join( tuple ) )

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