str as param for timedelta

Philipp philipp.knuesel at
Fri Jan 27 11:04:42 CET 2006

Hello Pythonistas

I'm new to Python, I hope you understand my question.
I would like to pass a parameter "gap" to a function. gap should be
used there to create a timedelta Object.

from datetime import *

def f(gap):
	print ( + datetime.timedelta(gap))

  f('hours = -8')

I read in the manual that datetime does accept ints, longs, or floats,
which may be positive or negative. Same as the error message:
"unsupported type for timedelta days component: str"

I found out, that I can pass an Object
def f1(deltaObj):
	print ( + deltaObj)	

f1(timedelta(hours = -8))

I would prefer the first version, as it is easier to use the string for 
representation and so on.

Is there any way to pass a string to the function and use it there for 
the timedelta?

or you might say I missed some basic concepts...

... in any case, thank you very much!


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