Python on an embedded platform

Grant Edwards grante at
Thu Jan 19 14:47:00 EST 2006

On 2006-01-19, Derek <dmsubs at> wrote:

> I am looking to port Python to an embedded platform (an ARM7
> device with fairly limited memory, capable of running an RTOS,
> but not an OS, such as Linux). I came across DePython from a
> few years ago, but it seems to have died a death.

The other project you might want to take a look at is pippy:  It's python 1.5.2 running on
PalmOS.  The memory size is quite a bit less constrained that
the DePython project, but there might be some useful info.

> Does anybody have advice? I am looking for any tricks,
> features I can disable, etc so I can get the python core to be
> a small as possible (<100k would be good).

At one point I was interested in doing something similar:
running Python on an ARM7 w/o virtual memory under eCos in
something on the order of 1MB.  After looking at the DePython
and Pippy sites, I decided it was going to require more work
than I could justify.

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