How login & download file from remote web site? Passwords a problem?

seberino at seberino at
Mon Jan 9 19:52:45 EST 2006

Is it possible for users to just authenticate in another browser first?

i.e. If I authenticate from browswer X.....does EVERY web transaction
from SAME hostname have access **after**? How about just from
same user? same browswer? same process?


Steve Holden wrote:
> seberino at wrote:
> > Gene
> >
> > Thanks for links but I'm not sure what to do with them!  The links were
> > about testing
> > frameworks.  I just want to write a script to grab stuff from a remote
> > site (kinda like automatic ftp).
> >
> > Perhaps those tests you were referring to have code to do what I'm
> > looking for?\
> >
> I think the implication was that you'd need to do the appropriate
> research to answer the question. However, if you want your software to
> log into a web site on the user's behalf I don't really see that you
> have much alternative than to ask them for the required information.
> If you suspect they'll sue you for abuse of the data they enter, go find
> another set of users ;-)
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