Arithmetic sequences in Python

Kent Johnson kent at
Thu Jan 19 07:24:08 EST 2006

Paul Rubin wrote:
> aleax at (Alex Martelli) writes:
>>I see no credibly simple and readable alternative to {a:b, c:d}
>>dictionary display syntax, for example; dict(((a,b),(c,d))) just
>>wouldn't cut it, because of the "parentheses overload" (double
>>entendre intended).
> dict(a=b,c=d)
> I don't really see why keyword arg names have to be identifiers
> either.  foo(3=4) can pass a **kwargs containing {3:4}.

The keywords need to be parseable; what would be the keyword form of
   { '3=4, 5=' : 6 }
   { '3=4); print "gotcha"; dict(6=' : 7 }


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