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phoenixathell at phoenixathell at
Tue Jan 3 03:50:55 EST 2006

John J. Lee schrieb:

> Sybren Stuvel <sybrenUSE at> writes:
> > phoenixathell at enlightened us with:
> > > At the moment we don't work with javascript. But it should not be to
> > > hard to create a JavaScript Renderer similar to the css one we already
> > > have.
> >
> > Isn't CSS for rendering, and JavaScript for client-side scripting?
> I guess this is 'rendering' in a more general/abstract sense than
> 'graphical rendering'.
> John

Exactly. In these case rendering means that you traverse a tree with
widget objects and every is "rendered" to a text representation of
itself. So if you traverse the object tree in the right order you will
get a complet text representation of such a object tree.

If you familiar with GUI programming then you can compare it to the
graphical rendering where you get a pixel representation of your form
elements (again a tree of widget objects).

Bottom line, PyHtmlGUI generates on the fly one or more text
representations from a object tree (e.g. Html, CSS, XML and maybe also


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