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"J. D. Leach" <jdleach04 at> writes:
> Mike Meyer wrote:
>> Chris Smith <smitty_one_each at> writes:
>>>>>>>> "J" == J D Leach <jdleach04 at> writes:
>>> I'm stupider; I can't ATFQ for you.
>>> But last night I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, and can recommend
>>> Which, assuming you've got connectivity, is teh shiznit.
>> Along the same lines, the OS X application launcher "Butler" comes
>> pre-configured with a "search python reference materials"
>> shortcut. I launch the shortcut, type in what I want,and hit enter,
>> and a browser window opens displaying the results of the
>> search. Adding other things - like searching the Python cookbook - is
>> relatively easy.
>>            <mike
> Thanks Mike for the link.

To give credit where credit is due, Chris Smimth provided the link to
the sidebar. I didn't provide a link, but just mentioned a great
product that can be found at your favorite Mac software repository.

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