OT: excellent book on information theory

val bykoski val at vtek.com
Sun Jan 22 17:15:21 EST 2006

Anton Vredegoor wrote:
> Paul Rubin wrote(>>):


> All of the books writers seem to have not caught up with the idea of
> hyperlinks and continue to dwell in neolithical paper dreams :-)
> If they only woke up and let someone like me write some Visual Python
> code to illustrate the algorithms or even let me just write Python
> implementations of the algorithms to accompany the books, I'd probably
> have work for years to come.
>>Math is a beautiful subject, and is not at all secret or inaccessible.
>>Try to broaden your horizons a bit ;-).
> I hope you're not trying to outexpertize me. You seem to be thinking
> that you know more about math than me, probably because you have a
> formal education in the subject?
> If so, you're proving my point, and thank you very much.
> Anton

Well, to me it is not a matter of formal education, or math, or Python.
There should be a *fresh thought/idea* how to handle the unknown 
reality.  The existing (formal) language, being helpful, was created 
hundreds years ago and of course needs an update.  But again, the point 
is not a new tool, even very flexible like Python.  I think the *direct* 
sensor/data-driven techniques based on parsing/understanding 
observations (images, fields, etc) might be a step in promising 
direction.  Any thoughts?

respectful-ly y'rs,

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