Hax's Edu Corner: the bug-trolling attitude

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Mon Jan 2 20:37:03 EST 2006

The Bug-Trolling Attitude

Hax Eel, 2006-01-02

There is a common behavior among people in software geek forums, that
whenever a software is crashing or behaving badly, they respond by writing
stupid essays about it and cross-post it to multiple newsgroups as if it
is the duty of Usenet readers to suffer through their egocentric rantings.

When a troll is full of shit, as is likely in connection to egregious
irresponsibility as most trolls are unable to spell "thru", the thing one
should not do is to fawn up to their ass by responding to their post and
treating their verbal diarrhoea with dignity, as that is the least
effective method in correcting the problem.

The common attitude of responding to trolls is one reason that contributed
to the tremendous egregious irresponsible egotistical arrogant
know-nothing adjective-over-users on Usenet that each of us have to endure
daily all the time.

When a poster is ostensibly incorrect and full of hot-hair about
licensing, the most effective and moral attitude is to do legal harm to
the poster. If you live in lawyer-happy countries like the USA, you
can do this by filing a law suit for mental anguish and emotional distress
against the poster. If you live in the United Kingdom, you can apply for
an Anti-Social Behaviour Order or ASBO. In severe and serious cases, it
may be appropriate to pop a cap in the fucker's arse.


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