Python vs C for a mail server

al pacino siddharthdave84 at
Sat Jan 28 09:24:19 CET 2006

>but i am not able to choose the language.Should i go for C(socket API)

Ravi is right
(>using sockets is more or less the same
from any language.)

..try JSP(java server pages), some guys in nit warangal implemented a
mail server
(foa  LAN though)for their minor project.

my contention is that using sockets(in c++) will improve your
understanding of the protocol
suite and improve your programming as well.

Ravi Teja wrote:
> >> Why don't you use an existing mail server?
> Probably because that was his homework assignment for a networking
> class. Not uncommon to be told to implement a server from the scratch
> from the RFC. Although that does not explain his concern about
> performance.
> Abhinav, if that is the case, using sockets is more or less the same
> from any language. Python as usual will be cleaner than C. You might
> want to look at Twisted Mail. Use SocketServer module in the standard
> library to implement the RFC. Other than that it is silly to try to
> write a Mail Server unless you have some extra ordinary need.

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