Curses won't update screen - Solved!

Casey Bralla Nobody at
Sat Jan 28 17:11:02 CET 2006

My problem was caused by a getch() function which paused, waiting for the
character.  Live and learn.  <sigh>

For some reason, I can't get curses to refresh the screen.  Can someone
offer a suggestion to try to debug this?

Here is my python code snippet:

global screen
screen = stdscr.subwin(23, 79, 0, 0)

while 1 == 1:
        screen.addstr(5,5, str(time.localtime()))

        KeyPress = screen.getch()

When  run this, the local time is displayed ONCE, and then never changes. 
Why isn't the screen.refresh() command refreshing the display?

I'm running a terminal session from within KDE, but I didn't think this
would matter.

Any ideas to suggest?
Casey Bralla
Chief Nerd in Residence
The NerdWorld Organisation

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