XMLBooster 2.10.1 supports Python

Darius Blasband darius at raincode.com
Tue Jan 10 08:57:31 EST 2006

XMLBooster 2.10.1 supports Python

XMLBooster (http://www.xmlbooster.com) version 2.10.1 can generate
application-specific XML parsers to be used from within Python.
The parsers and the resulting data structures can be accessed by
Python code through a comprehensive interface, while the actual
parser is generated in C, thereby providing the best of both worlds:
top-knotch performance by using optimized code generation in C, and the
flexibility and productivity of Python, accessing your document using ad
hoc classes rather then generic DOM trees.

The interface between C and Python is based by SWIG, but extended
with specific additions so that the underlying C structure can be
used as is by Python developers, low-level technicalities being taken 
into account automatically. For instance, linked lists as supported by
the XMLBooster's C code generator are published as plain Python lists
so that they can be used together with quantifiers or filters.

The objects generated by SWIG to access XMLBooster-generated data
structures are just facades: they hold no data. They just provide
a convenient access to the underlying C structure. Since these
facades are created on demand only, this means that one can use
these generated parsers to deal with huge XML instances, much
larger than what a generic DOM-based parser would allow. The
performance and memory footprint gains get even more impressive when
only a small part of the XML document is to be accessed from within
the Python application.

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