how do "real" python programmers work?

Juho Schultz juho.schultz at
Fri Jan 13 12:07:28 CET 2006

bblais wrote:

> In Python, there seems to be a couple ways of doing things.   I could
> write it in one window, and from a Unix shell call
>                            python
> and be like C++, but then I lose the interactiveness which makes
> prototyping easier.  If I use the python shell, I can use import (and
> reload), or execfile perhaps.
> How do experienced python programmers usually do it?  Is there a
> "usually" about it, or is it up to personal taste?  Are there any
> convenient ways of doing these things?

Disclaimer: I do not consider myself "an experienced python programmer".

For scripts and small programs (one file, one developer) I use emacs and 
python shell. For larger projects I use Eclipse and pydev.

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