how do "real" python programmers work?

Scott David Daniels scott.daniels at
Thu Jan 12 20:11:31 EST 2006

bblais wrote:
> How do experienced python programmers usually do it?  Is there a
> "usually" about it, or is it up to personal taste?  Are there any
> convenient ways of doing these things?
There are a lot of us who use a test-first process:
    Write a unit test, watch it fail, fix the code til the test passes.
If the project is smallish, I'll have Idle to experiment a bit (as
others have said, for checking boundary cases on standard module

window A: test file editor
window B: module editor
window C: command line for running tests.
window D: idle for checking boundary conditions on Python modules.

My typical cycle is change file (either window A or B), save that,
re-run the unit test in window C.  Every now and then (when test are
succeeding), I check in the sources (and the tests).  Before I was
doing this, I explored my module with Idle, but that often left me
with too few test cases.

--Scott David Daniels
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