Tkinter app hanging on windows

msoulier msoulier at
Sun Jan 1 18:17:34 EST 2006


I have a very simple Tkinter application that I'm using to dispatch a
mechanize crawl of a web form, when a button is clicked. Most of the
time it will be idle, until the user decides to unminimize it and click
that button.

Unfortunately, I'm finding that after several hours of being up, when I
go to the app, either by unminimizing it or simply bringing it into
focus, the app is no longer dispatching events. It refuses to redraw
itself, showing whatever was over it at the time. The app is apparently
hung, and I do not believe that this is through any fault of my own, as
the app is just too simple.

Any ideas as to how I could find out why it is hanging? I'm using's win32 build of Python 2.4. I don't recall the exact
version, but I can get it. 


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