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JW wilson1442 at
Wed Jan 18 16:39:47 EST 2006

On Wed, 18 Jan 2006 20:51:03 +0000, Roel Schroeven wrote:

> I, Jim Wilson, schreef:
>> I'm assured that in print ads the only "content" anyone reads is in
>> picture captions, and you damn well better make sure your message is
>> conveyed there. Any other "content" only wastes space. I see no reason
>> to think that a web page should be designed using any other assumption.
> I don't agree. I read websites in search for information (content), not to
> find advertisements.

Yes, and I read Playboy for the interviews ;)

> I agree that the information shouldn't be presented in an overly dense
> way,

Agreed.  The main page should be like a slick book cover.  It should grab
you and leave you wanting more.  I think the beta page does that pretty

> but it should be there prominently and easily accessible.

All you should have to do is open the book. Or click a link.

> The site
> should invite users to read the content, the contrary of many corporate
> websites that seem to try to hide it, almost like the fineprint on a
> contract.

In another post, you mention which appears
to be some sort of blog (the current bane of the internet).  I immediately
noticed something when visiting Joel using Firefox.  **Scrollbars**.  The
page wouldn't even fit on the screen!  I started to read it, but my face
went numb before I needed to use the scrollbar.

OK for blogging -- not so cool for a book cover.

Of course, I'm a minimalist.  I understand techy types want the details,
but I don't doubt the details will be no more than two clicks away.


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