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Adrian Holovaty holovaty at
Wed Jan 18 11:03:31 EST 2006

Fuzzyman wrote:
> has the great advantage that (allegedly) you can migrate apps
> from CGI to FastCGI, mod_python, WSGI.

This isn't an advantage of over other frameworks. You can do the
same thing with Django, because it has a WSGI backend; people run
Django with mod_python, FastCGI, etc. I believe the same flexibility
applies to TurboGears.

> There are a few fundamental "philosophy differences" in web apps which
> makes it a bit of a religious war. This means getting something into
> the standard library is likely to be the cause of intractable
> discussions. *sigh*

As much as I'd like to see the core bits of Django (which wouldn't
require a database or include other fancy high-level features) included
in the standard library, I do think it'd devolve into a religious war
inevitably. A better goal, I think, would be to add some WSGI code to
the standard library -- for instance, code that runs a development
server for a WSGI-compliant framework, etc.  Perhaps wsgiref:

Just my two cents,

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