Quickest way to make py script Web accessible

jmdeschamps at gmail.com jmdeschamps at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 11:56:39 EST 2006

rtilley at vt.edu wrote:
> I apologize for my inital ambiguity.
> Say I have a .py script that gets email addresses from a database and
> then sends messages to customers (this is not spam, these guys _want_
> to get the emails). Historically, IT has executed the script when
> someone in Marketing makes a request. I want to make it so that
> Marketing can run the script themselves by executing the script through
> a Web-based interface. I don't want to have to alter the script a great
> deal in order to do this.

I think my previous suggestion was just on the nose - none of your
scripts need be modified EXCEPT if they entail user input, for which
you would have to a web form to get such info from your user. and have
your cgi call your mail program with the parameters submitted from the
web form (such group of customers, such message, etc).

An alternative to spawning a process, is importing the mail script
within the cgi script itself (conditionnaly if need be).

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