inline function call

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Jan 4 13:02:13 EST 2006

Riko Wichmann wrote:
> That greatly improved performance from about 3 minutes initially (inner 
> loop about 2000, outer loop about 10000 runs - I think) down to a few 
> seconds. My question on the inline function call was triggered by the 3 
> minute run on a pretty small statistic (10000 events) Monte Carlo 
> sample. Now, I'm much more relaxed! :)
> One of the biggest improvements in addition to using psyco was actually 
> being careful about avoiding global namespace lookup.

Riko, any chance you could post the final code and a bit more detail on 
exactly how much Psyco contributed to the speedup?  The former would be 
educational for all of us, while I'm personally very curious about the 
latter because my limited attempts to use Psyco in the past have 
resulted in speedups on the order of only 20% or so.  (I blame my 
particular application, not Psyco per se, but I'd be happy to see a 
real-world case where Psyco gave a much bigger boost.)


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