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Steve Holden steve at
Sun Jan 22 12:13:33 CET 2006

Peter wrote:
>>From go to the Library reference
> from there to the index
> (i) at In the index
> select 'p' and  click to reach
> . At the foot of
> this page is a link: "See About this document... for information on
> suggesting changes." which if you follow takes you to
> where there is:
>  If you find specific errors in this document, either in the content or
> the presentation, please report the bug at the Python Bug Tracker at
> SourceForge.
> So you need to add a bug to the Python bug tracker -- at least so it
> seems. 
That's somewhat ingenuous, since that sentence is immediately preceded 
by """General comments and questions regarding this document should be 
sent by email to docs at """. I should have thought that 
inability to register a bug on Sourceforge would have justified an email 
to docs at

Did you send such an email? I'm sure that your comments would be actioned.

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