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Manlio Perillo manlio_perilloNO at
Thu Jan 12 19:43:25 CET 2006

Michael Galvin ha scritto:
> I am trying to use Python to send to the printer a calender filled
> with a mix of text and simple graphics.  I want to draw on the printed
> page something like a table with 6 rows and 7 columns to represent a
> calendar.  I want to place text precisely within those boxes on the
> printed page. I am using Python 2.4 on Windows XP
> I was  in the past able to do this within Visual Basic using its
> printer object.  Visual Basic's printer object uses a coordinate
> system to allow you to draw lines and to place text on the printed
> page precisely. I have attached a file "jan06call.jpg" to this message
> to illustrate what I am trying to do.
> Does Python have a module which would help me do this?

You can try to use pycairo for graphics, using postscript as a backend.
Then print the postscript file (with Ghostscript).

Or you can use a more high level tool.

Regards  Manlio Perillo

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