Python module for LX200 telescope command set (Steve Horsley)

RayS rays at
Mon Jan 30 12:29:26 EST 2006

At 08:25 AM 1/30/2006, you wrote:
>Terry Hancock wrote:
>>On Sun, 29 Jan 2006 15:25:43 -0800
>>RayS <rays at> wrote:
>>(about LX200 module)
>>Sounds interesting, but I don't actually know what an LX200
>>is. I considered buying one of the Meade computer controlled
>>telescopes (there is a very inexpensive one that has been
>>marketed through Walmart. Ordinarily, I would steer clear of
>>a "department store telescope", but I was intrigued that
>>they were selling a name brand telescope).
>Very wise. But I think even Meade's cheapest offering would be worth 
>having. They don't make really crap scopes.

A friend just bought an ~$450 Meade GOTO, it has a 5" mirror and does 
have ability to enter RA-DEC.
The downside is that it will not work with a PC like the larger 
scopes unless you buy an accessory - only keypad control.
The more expensive models are always much heavier and stiffer. You 
could use the 5" visually or with a webcam, but no long exposure, 
really. My 10" LX weighs ~90lbs.


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