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Posted by E.D.G.   June 13, 2006

The information in this report represents expressions of personal opinion.

On July 11, 2005 I posted a report to a number of Internet Newsgroups
including sci.geo.earthquakes stating that I was considering creating a Web
site where researchers around the world could post notes and develop
computer programs associated with the science of earthquake forecasting.
This present report is an update on that project.

The effort is still underway.  The present plan is to try to get the
proposed Web site organized for the science of earthquake forecasting and
then expand it to include other sciences such as tornado forecasting and
different areas of medicine.  The ultimate goal is to have discussion areas
there for as many of the problems which threaten the health and lives of
people around the world as possible.

Professional and amateur computer programmers would probably be heavily
involved with this work.

Since that first report was posted last July I have been able to establish
what looks like it will be a stable source of funding for the effort.  It
should at least enable me to continue working on the project and pay for
things such as Web site rental fees etc.  And I am presently working with
two groups of legal people who are attempting to create a formal
organization through which the actual funding and Web site operation etc.
will take place.  How fast this effort will progress is at the moment
largely up to those legal groups.  One of them is supposed to create the
necessary legal documents.  The other will be doing the filing with
government agencies etc.  Unfortunately, since I am not a major client of
either group they are doing the work when they are not busy with other

A formal legal organization intended to be an introductory version of this
new organization has existed since 2002.  But it took my legal people about
eight months to get all of the paperwork done and filed.  The present effort
has been underway for a month.  Hopefully it will not take another seven
months to finish.


A number of years ago I worked with a Web site development expert to create
a discussion group for earthquake forecasting.  I believe that it eventually
evolved into the two following discussion groups.  The original Web site
expert is no longer involved.

For this proposed Web site I would probably try to use a discussion board
which would be a highly modified version of that second board.  And it will
take a fair amount of computer programming to create the new version.  The
problem with the existing discussion board control computer program is that
it is does not offer the necessary posting options.  When researchers post a
note to such a board, rules have to be in place regarding what types of
notes other people can post in response.  That is an absolute necessity.
And the structure of that present board does not contain those types of
rules within the control computer program itself.

More details regarding that proposed Web site can be found in the following
report that I submitted for a United Nations disaster mitigation related
discussion back in July of 2004:

Based on their starting dates etc. I believe that my report might have
already led to the creation of the following Web sites:

Keep your fingers crossed.  If the effort to create this proposed Web site
is successful then it might assist researchers in quite a few areas of
science and medicine around the world with significantly accelerating their
lifesaving efforts.

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