beginner: using parameter in functions

3rdshiftcoder go at
Thu Jun 1 01:24:01 CEST 2006


i am having trouble using parameter values in my function and to be honest a 
little trouble with
member variables.  i am trying to pass in the argument 'd' representing 
what the code will do is if it is 'd' it will make a delete query template 
if it is an 'i' then insert query etc.

this is the results of my attempt to print the contents of the parameter 
<__main__.getQryStr instance at 0x01151D50> ('d',) me mad

(and on a side note if i dont include the *args i get an invalid number of 
parameters supplied message.)
why is it returning the value in this format ('d',) ?
i cant get x == d
i guess that value 'd' is stored in a tuple and i'd like to get it out of 

so basically the function returns nope as it stands

python is sure different from other languages i have used.

thanks for any help,

class getQryStr:
    def __init__(self,op):
        print op
        self.x = 'd'
    def returnStr(x,*args):

        print '%s %s me mad' % (x,args)
        if x == 'd':
            s = Template("delete from columndef where tblid = $tblid and 
colname = $colname")
            return 'nope' #this else is just for illustration and testing

        d = dict(tblid=t.tblid.getText(), colname=t.colName.getText())

        print s.substitute(d)

        return s

def delqry(self):

        createfldobj = getQryStr('d')
        s = createfldobj.returnStr('d')

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