Making a Label that looks the same as a button.

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Tue Jun 13 15:49:06 CEST 2006


Buttons can look like labels without the need to create another object -
just remove the
Command binding, set state to DISABLED and disabledforeground='same
color as NORMAL'...

This demonstrates how to play with button styles:

import Tkinter as tk

class GUI:
    def __init__(self):
   	self.root = tk.Tk()
        self.root.title('Button Styles')
        for bdw in range(5):
            setattr(self, 'of%d' % bdw, tk.Frame(self.root,
            tk.Label(getattr(self, 'of%d' % bdw),
                  text='borderwidth = %d  ' % bdw).pack(side=tk.LEFT)
            for relief in [tk.RAISED, tk.SUNKEN, tk.FLAT, tk.RIDGE,
                tk.Button(getattr(self, 'of%d' % bdw), text=relief,
                       relief=relief, width=10,
                       command=lambda s=self, r=relief, b=bdw:
                          .pack(side=tk.LEFT, padx=7-bdw, pady=7-bdw)
            getattr(self, 'of%d' % bdw).pack()

    def prt(self, relief, border):
        print '%s:%d' % (relief, border)

myGUI = GUI()

    John Grayson

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Subject: Making a Label that looks the same as a button.

I have a Button object that gets replaced by a Label when clicked.

Button(buttonsframe,text=' ',command=c,font=buttonsFont) Note that the
text is a single space. buttonsFont uses 'Courier New' as a family.

When clicked, the Button is destroyed and replaced with a Label object:

The intent is for the Label object to look identical to the button
object, except for the non-space character x. The Label object is a
little smaller than the Button object. When I set borderwidth, the label
object does increase in size, but that's not going to make it look the
same, since it makes the border thicker.

How do I get the Label object to look just like the Button object?


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