Newbie wxpython staticbitmap help please

janama austuff at
Thu Jun 15 15:07:12 CEST 2006

jean-michel bain-cornu wrote:
> Why won't you write it yourself using the demo ?
> It's clear and well documented.
> Regards,
> jm

Hi, have been just trying for 5 hours with the timer demo in wx, i just
havnt clicked with how to tie it in together,

I know (think) i need the following features from the timer demo ,
where you can periodically call a function using the wx.timer

self.Bind(wx.EVT_TIMER, self.OnTest1Timer)
#---(bind to the frame ?)

self.Bind(wx.EVT_BUTTON, self.OnTest3Start, t3b1)
#---(this binds to a button, how do i bind to my application on load or
startup instead ?)

    def OnTest1Timer(self, evt):
        self.log.write("got EVT_TIMER event\n")
#---(dont think i need the logging?)

    def OnTest3Start(self, evt):
        self.t3 = NotifyTimer(self.log)
        self.log.write("NotifyTimer timer started\n")

#---(the Start i guess i will work if i remap the button event to an on
load type? event?

    def OnTest3Stop(self, evt):
        self.log.write("NotifyTimer timer stoped\n")
        del self.t3
#---(Guess i wont need to stop the timer, as i want it to trigger the
'refreshing' of the StaticBitmaps ?)

# When deriving from wx.Timer you must provide a Notify method
# that will be called when the timer expires.
class NotifyTimer(wx.Timer):
    def __init__(self, log):
        self.log = log

    def Notify(self):
        self.log.write("got NotifyTimer event\n")
#---(dont know if i need this if i dont want to use this log feature)?

 Im sorry if this all seems really amatuerish, i have genuially tried
hard to get my head around it , but i get error after error in boa.
Somewhone couldnt append a timer and perhaps help to refresh the
StaticBitmaps described, with the code, in first post). I will be able
to see and learn greatly from this.

Maybe some advice on where to find lists of the methods used in
For example it took me hours to find methods ? like


Is there any good lists of these methods, properties etc for wxpython

Any good wxpython ide/editors that can "intellisense" them?  boa,
komodo, stani's arnt working with "intellisensing" wx for me, (maybe i
cant configure them though)

Thanks for any help with any of this


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