found a swftools for 2.4 - Docs anyone?

jmdeschamps at jmdeschamps at
Wed Jun 14 19:58:38 EDT 2006

New to swf - interesting technology for dynamic web graphic effects
stemming from user input.

I found a working windows pre-compiled binary (0.6.2) for Python 2.4 of
rfxswf library  from swftools to generate swf files.  (flash compiled

No source of documentation of that api.  There are a few python
examples that I managed to make work, from swftools site but only
covers partly the api.

help(SWF) only tells of the main classes - nothings on arguments

I tried reading the C source, but I'm not very fluent in C so that
didn't amount to much.

Any help appreciated in finding help on this API.

Thanks in advance

python binary :
(Thanks to Daichi .)

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