languages with full unicode support

Xah Lee xah at
Sun Jun 25 18:08:56 CEST 2006

Languages with Full Unicode Support

As far as i know, Java and JavaScript are languages with full, complete
unicode support. That is, they allow names to be defined using unicode.
(the JavaScript engine used by FireFox support this)

As far as i know, here's few other lang's status:

C → No.
Python → No.
Perl → No.
Haskell → Yes by the spec, but no on existing compilers.
JavaScript → No in general. Firefox's engine do support it.
Lisps → No.
unix shells (bash)  → No. (this probably applies to all unix shells)
Java → Yes and probably beats all. However, there may be a bug in 1.5

Also, there appears to be a bug with Java 1.5's unicode support. The
following code compiles fine in 1.4, but under 1.5 the compiler
complains about the name x1.str★.

class 方 {
    String str北 =
    String str★="θπαβγλϕρκψ ≤≥≠≈⊂⊃⊆⊇∈
ⅇⅈⅉ∞∆° ℵℜℂℝℚℙℤ ℓ∟∠∡ ∀∃ ∫∑∏
⊕⊗⊙⊚⊛∘∙ ★☆";


class UnicodeTest {
    public static void main(String[] arg) {
        方 x1 = new 方();
        System.out.println( x1.str北 );
        System.out.println( x1.str★ );

If you know a lang that does full unicode support, please let me know.

   xah at xahlee.org

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