better Python IDE? Mimics Maya's script editor?

Christian Convey conveycj at
Thu Jun 22 19:37:23 CEST 2006

Ten wrote:
> If you get into emacs, it's worth the time invested. The learning curve's 
> alleged to be steep, but it isn't that bad, I use it and I'm as dumb as a 
> stump. It's a very good IDE for everyday use.  :-)

Not to get into the classic emacs/vi/etc. argument, but from my 
experience emacs has never been a good learning investment.

For an editor (on Linux) I just use Kate or Gedit, which have syntax 
highlighting.  For debugging, I use the print statement, because I 
haven't found an interactive debugger that I like.

I did try Eclipse's "PyDev" module.  It was OK, but I found Eclipse to 
have so much screen clutter and so-so responsiveness, so I decided to 
not keep on using it.

KDevelop now has support for Python coding, but no Python debugger yet. 
  It also doesn't support tab completions for Python (that I'm aware of).

So for now, I've found just a plain old text editor, plus print 
statements, to be the right choice for me.

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