New to Python: Do we have the concept of Hash in Python?

skip at skip at
Thu Jun 1 19:28:43 CEST 2006

    Alan> but please consider the fact that I am in time pressure and I
    Alan> cannot go through a 400 book today.

The tutorial is online and not 400 pages long:

It's got a pretty comprehensive table of contents, looking at which you
might jump quickly to Chapter 5, "Data Structures", and quickly eliminate
lists, sets and maybe tuples as possible synonyms for "hash" and investigate
Section 5.5, "Dictionaries" more closely.  The first sentence of that
section should ring bells:

    Another useful data type built into Python is the
    dictionary. Dictionaries are sometimes found in other languages as
    ``associative memories'' or ``associative arrays''.

I suspect that was what Fredrik was thinking you might reasonably have done
before asking on the list.  In addition, you could have probably answered
your own question faster by using the online documentation instead of
waiting for the Q&A round-trip to comp.lang.python.


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