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Wed Jun 28 19:19:24 CEST 2006

Paul McGuire wrote:
>  "Daniel Dittmar" <daniel.dittmar at sap.corp> wrote in message
>  news:e7tf7j$kio$1 at
> > If you've written a few small scripts that might be of use to
> > others and that you assume that there are others who do the same,
> > you might start with a wiki or something like the Python Cookbook
> > (, but geared
> > toward labs and biology.
>  I would suggest going the wiki route - makes this very
>  easy, and free if you don't mind ads on your wikipages. Could be a
>  low-cost/low-effort way to get started.

Specifically, I would recommend that you build up a links list and/or
repository of scripts that you find relevant.  Eventually, if there's
enough accumulation, somebody might express interest in creating
a more integrated tool based on them. Maybe there's somebody who'd
be willing to do that, but doesn't know where the material is.


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