direct initialization of class attributes vs. declarations w/in __init__

digitalorganics at digitalorganics at
Mon Jun 12 05:02:21 CEST 2006

Oh wow, I wasn't expecting so much help. I really appreciate it. My
problem, however, has been solved. I uninstalled my ActiveState Python
distro on my laptop and installed the distro from along with
Stan's Python Editor. I ran the same code I'd run before and guess
what? The behavior now matches that of my desktop! Why? *shrug*

As for the code being identical, it certainly was as I emailed the .py
file to myself (from the laptop) and downloaded it to my desktop where
I then ran it just as I had done on the laptop, with PythonWin. Unless
Google programmed Gmail to muck w/ people's python code....
Additionally, the bytes on the files match. Thus, I feel I can
guarantee that the code is indeed identical.

Here's my wild guess: for some reason a bug in PythonWin was causing my
changes to the class attribute (i.e. jerk variable) not to be reflected
in the actual code. This explanation, if you can call it one, still
doesn't make sense to me however because I could make other changes to
the code and it would indeed be reflected in execution. Add to the fact
that PythonWin is essentially just a text editor, I don't see how/why
it would selectively save code changes.

It is true that I never restarted the PythonWin IDE after a change of
the class attribute to something other than 0, and perhaps reinstalling
python etc. was unnecessary. I'm only coming to this realization now.

In any event, I am now problem free and quite pleased to be able to
exchange .py files between computers and know they'll behave the same
(rather, I'm assuming this henceforth).

Furthermore, I'd like to thank everyone who tried to help, and that
certainly includes Fredrik.



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