ANN: PyGUI 1.7.2-1

greg greg at
Tue Jun 13 06:59:32 CEST 2006

hale at wrote:

> if I try to run in the IDLE ide ...
 > the path is equal to "8833" for some
> reason.

I believe that IDLE sets up some kind of debugging
connection to its child process. That number might
be a processs ID or port number or something related
to that.

> I tried to hunt down where the problem occurs, but I was led
> to the method "application_openFile_(self, ns_app, path)" in the
> class _PyGui_NSApplication. I couldn't find out how this method
> ever got called though.

It's called by the Cocoa framework to handle files
passed to the application from the Finder. It also
seems to get called when there are command-line
arguments. But it works on the C-level argv, which
means it can pick up stuff that doesn't normally
end up in sys.argv. The check for sys.argv[0]
is there to work around one of the side effects of
that. It appears that you've encountered another

I'm using a different method of dealing with
this now, which will probably fix your problem as
well. I've attached a replacement for
GUI/Cocoa/ Let me know if it
works for you.

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