Questions about OSS projects.

Daniel Dittmar daniel.dittmar at sap.corp
Wed Jun 28 10:39:14 CEST 2006

bio_enthusiast wrote:
> I was wondering how to go about starting an open source project for
> doing routine biological problems? There is a plethora of scripts and
> a fairly large biopython project to back up anyone who tried, these
> however cater to the bioinformatics community and it loses the vast
> majority of the wet-lab scientists. How can someone who is used to
> writing small scripts and doing wet-lab work contribute to the open
> source community? Starting software projects seems to be the domain of
> people with much more experience and skill but there are some serious
> needs by people who do not have the skills to upkeep any software
> based project.

If you've written a few small scripts that might be of use to others and 
that you assume that there are others who do the same, you might start 
with a wiki or something like the Python Cookbook 
(, but geared toward 
labs and biology.

If this gains any traction (that is if you get additional code snippets, 
people are commenting etc.), after a while, it might be useful to look 
at the material and see if there is enough code that warrants a library. 
This does not mean to simply package all the scripts into one package, 
but to see if there are any common tasks among the scripts to 'refactor' 
them into a library.


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