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Matt Hammond matt.hammond at rd.bbc.co.uk
Mon Jun 26 10:00:02 CEST 2006

>> This allows  somethings to run eg
>> AxonVisualiser.py --navelgaze
>> but I'm not sure if the results are really unaffected by not having a
>> real yielder. The diagram appears, but doesn't seem to settle down.
> I don't think the AxonVisualiser would be particularly affected by
> this - any wobbling you'll see there is probably more down to the
> simple physics model the visualiser uses not having sufficient
> dampening for the layout you see. (The physics model was apparently
> originally written by Matt for a lava lamp simulator, but has turned
> out to be incredibly useful as a simple layout tool :-)
> A little bit of manual assistance to spread things out can sometimes
> help it settle down though :)

Michael's right: the wobble is due to the low level of dampening in the  
physics model and its discrete time step nature. Brief, non-methodical(!)  
experiments with increased dampening do lead to a more stable  
visualisation, but particles start to become 'sticky' and not always move  
when it would be helpful for them to do so!

The physics code is not the fastest on the planet, so the number of  
simulation cycles per second is quite low - therefore to enable the  
particles to move quickly enough, the forces act quite strongly and the  
dampening is quite low. You therefore occasionally see a slight wobbling  
effect where a 'component' particle is being pulled and pushed quite  
strongly by its inbox and outbox particles in many different directions at  

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