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Wed Jun 28 10:24:44 CEST 2006

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Robert Kern <robert.kern at> writes:
|> Nick Maclaren wrote:
|> > The way that I read it, Python allows only values (and hence types)
|> > to be immutable, and not class members.  The nearest approach to the
|> > latter is to use the name hiding conventions.
|> > 
|> > Is that correct?
|> You can also make properties that don't allow writing.
|> class Foo(object):
|>      def __init__(self, bar):
|>          self._bar = bar
|>      @property
|>      def bar(self):
|>          return self._bar

Thanks very much.  And, what's more, I have even found its documentation!
Whatsnew2.2.  The 2.4.2 reference is, er, unhelpful.

One of Python's less-lovable attributes is the inscrutability of its
documentation :-(

But you knew that ....

Nick Maclaren.

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