better Python IDE? Mimics Maya's script editor?

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Thu Jun 22 19:18:19 CEST 2006

On Friday 09 June 2006 00:40, warpcat wrote:
> I've been scripting in Maya, via mel for years now.  Recently learning
> to Python, love it.  Thing that's driving me nuts it the IDE.  I'm
> using PythonWin right now and trying to find something better, mainly
> with this functionality:
> In Maya's mel script editor window, it's split into two sections.
> Bottom window you can enter commands (where your script lives), top
> window gives results.  The thing I'm really used to is highlighting X#
> of lines in the bottom window (little snippits from my script), and
> executing that selection, with instant feedback of the results on top.
> This really speeds my workflow.
> It seems completely missing (so far) in Python's IDE.  I have to copy
> and paste from a script to the ide window to execute and see the
> results, or I have to make a bunch of "buffer scripts" with just the
> code snippetsI want to test in.  Seems *really* clunky.
> Does anyone know of a scripting enviroment for Python that mimics what
> Maya's script editor has?  Much appreciated.

It may not be much of an answer as many people don't want to learn emacs (or 
vi for that matter), but emacs does this, specifically the separate buffers 
and the ability to highlight and execute parts of your code to test it.

If you get into emacs, it's worth the time invested. The learning curve's 
alleged to be steep, but it isn't that bad, I use it and I'm as dumb as a 
stump. It's a very good IDE for everyday use.  :-)

Good luck,


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