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Joachim Durchholz jo at
Sun Jun 4 16:10:01 CEST 2006

Ilias Lazaridis schrieb:
> crossposted to 5 groups, which are affected by this case.
> followup not applicable.

Actually, in this case, yes.

> It _seems_ that Mr. Xah Les's account was terminated by
> because of
> a) the inability of several people to detect the interconnections within 
> writings which lead to perfectly valid cross-posts within the usenet.

Actually, his posts are mostly off-topic.

> b) the non-liberal and essentially non-professional way of how 
> deals with abuse complaints.

Unless you give some concrete facts, this is simply slander.
URLs don't count.

> To
> You should install an autoresponder to your abuse email, which reminds
> people that it is
> * nearly inpossible to rate the content posted to usenet
> * neally inpossible to detect validity of cross-posts
>   especially within complex analytical/philosophical writings
> * other important facts

Why are you wasting our mental bandwidth with that?
Besides, it's utter nonsense. There's an infinity of invalid reasons, so 
you can't rule them out with an autoresponder.

> People can then decide if they still wish to send the abuse complain
> (e.g. can follow a link within the autoresponder).

Nope. Finding out the provider is enough of a barrier. Additional 
barriers are not really necessary.
Xah Lee has been irritating people for months.

I do share your concerns. Complaint handling often is unprofessional. 
However, in Xah Lee's case, he's indeed been irritating too many people 
for a too long time that *some* sanction is in fact appropriate.
I routinely kill his threads, but I'm reading a specific newsgroup for a 
purpose, and Xah Lee requires me to kill his. He's essentially doing 
semantic spam - analytical and philosophical writings may be well and 
fine, but they aren't appropriate on the newsgroups that I frequent (or 
only in very specific ways that Xah Lee doesn't address).

> To anyone:
> Any form of censorship and "suppression of freedom of expression" should 
> be kept out of from open-source projects and from usenet.
> It is the within the responsibility of every entity (including 
> commercial companies) to act against it.

There are many important goals. Free speech is indeed very high on the 
list. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure that Xah Lee will find another 

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