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Mon Jun 19 23:38:09 CEST 2006

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Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> bruno at modulix wrote:
>> Nope - it's a Python MVC web framework. Like Django, Pylons and
>> Turborgears. And FWIW, there have been recently some discussions about
>> merging Subway and Turbogears.
> recently?  was that before or after the developer picked up his marbles 
> and went home to complain to his mother?

So it was not only me that found this behaviour especially childish ...

> (according to the subway wiki, only porn sites use the framework these 
> days.  hint to developers: if you're shutting down a project, make sure 
> you lock down the project site).

Unfortunately, this not only applies to shut down projects, but also to
alive projects using Trac. It's a failure of Trac, because their developers
don't see spam as such a big problem to warrant implement basic antispam
support now instead of in a future release.

Instead of diving deeper into Trac or installing the antispam version of it
that is developed as a branch in their sandbox or otherwise wasting a lot
of time, I tried to solve the problem the pragmatic way by installing a
cron job that periodically runs the following commands on the SQLite database:

gh at maya:~$ cat delspam.sql
delete from wiki where text like '%cialis%';
delete from wiki where text like '%plumper%';

No spam was seen since then on the pysqlite wiki ...

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