comparing of python GUI´s

Tim Chase python.list at
Tue Jun 20 15:11:35 CEST 2006

> plz tell me the benefit  (or any data) of each gui (pyqt , pyqtk ,
> wxpython , tkinter ..)

Well, as you can see pyqt, pyqtk, and wxpython must be far better 
than tkinter because they have python (or bits of python) in 
their names.  In turn, you can also clearly determine that 
wxpython is better than pyqt and pyqtk because it has the whole 
word "python" in its name, not some sissy-minded cropping of the 
word.  And as far as pyqt and pyqtk go, clearly, because of the 
"k" suffix (which we all know means "kilobyte"), is a thousand 
times better than pyqt (or 1024x better, depending on whether you 
use computer measurements or hard-disk-space measurements). 
Thus, you find the ranking must be

1) wxpython (best)
2) pyqtk
3) pyqt
4) tkinter (worst)

There's also pygtk which you must not have seen, because it is 
not on your list.  This would rank at 2.5 in the above list 
because it

1) does have "py" in the name, and
2) "g" comes before "q" in the alphabet, and we know that later 
versions must be better
3) it has a "k" in its name, and must also be 1k times better 
than the non-existent "pygt"

Hopefully these facts, unclouded by alleged "facts" that you 
might find during the most basic of searches on google, will help 
you make a *rational* decision regarding which GUI toolkit is 
best. ;)


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