What is Expressiveness in a Computer Language

Matthias Blume find at my.address.elsewhere
Wed Jun 21 00:30:29 CEST 2006

Joachim Durchholz <jo at durchholz.org> writes:

> Matthias Blume schrieb:
>> Perhaps better: A language is statically typed if its definition
>> includes (or ever better: is based on) a static type system, i.e., a
>> static semantics with typing judgments derivable by typing rules.
>> Usually typing judgmets associate program phrases ("expressions") with
>> types given a typing environment.
> This is defining a single term ("statically typed") using three
> undefined terms ("typing judgements", "typing rules", "typing
> environment").

This was not meant to be a rigorous definition.  Also, I'm not going
to repeat the textbook definitions for those three standard terms
here.  Next thing you are going to ask me to define the meaning of the
word "is"...

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