sum fonction in gadfly

Robert Hicks sigzero at
Fri Jun 30 14:50:10 EDT 2006

aaronwmail-usenet at wrote:
> Robert Hicks wrote:
> > aaronwmail-usenet at wrote:
> > > .... why are people so concerned
> > > that it's not changing?
> > >
> >
> > I didn't mean to be irritating and I wasn't concerned about it not
> > changing but I could probably have stated the question a little better.
> > For some reason I thought it was a dead project so maybe "still being
> > maintained" would be a better statement. I dunno.
> You're not the only one.  Why do I keep seeing "gadfly...dead"
> in the same sentence?
> What if it doesn't need maintenance?  Does that make it dead?
> No offense to you personally, you are just repeating what
> everyone else has been saying for years for reasons that
> totally escape me.  Several times people have suggested that
> gadfly be added to the python standard library and then the
> question comes up... who will maintain it?  And I answer I'll
> maintain it if anyone finds serious problems with it and then
> a few months later I hear that it was decided that gadfly was
> a dead project.  This has been going on since about '97.
> It's irritating and tiresome.  Sorry, I'm grumpy today.
Hey, that is okay. I know now never to ask that question.  : D


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