Simple Char-I/O Dialogs for Win32 and DOS

Mr Roboto mr.roboto.ny at
Wed Jun 14 20:30:20 CEST 2006


I've already searched the group and have determined there *are*
char I/O based input systems, ala NCURSES, that are
Python-compatible (ie. PyNCurses, UrWid, etc.)  What I *need* is
something that does simple dialogs under char-I/O Win32 and DOS
w/ very little fuss or muss.  At most, I need one or two dialog
boxes to boot my little app/util *AND* hope upon hope I don't
need port something (which would take more days than I have
*and* would also require a non-trivial support effort from a
one-man show: *me*) and can simply grab something (open-source)
off-the-shelf.  I don't need a dialog/forms designer, no
database access, just a basic dialog box to get input from a
couple of text boxes, check boxes, etc.

Does such an animal exist and can someone offer a link to the
kit ?  TIA....MR

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