Allowing zero-dimensional subscripts

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Sun Jun 11 01:53:07 CEST 2006

spam.noam at wrote:

> George Sakkis wrote:
> > spam.noam at wrote:
> >
> > > However, I'm designing another library for
> > > managing multi-dimensional arrays of data. Its purpose is similiar to
> > > that of a spreadsheet - analyze data and preserve the relations between
> > > a source of a calculation and its destination.
> >
> > Sounds interesting. Will it be related at all to OLAP or the
> > Multi-Dimensional eXpressions language
> > ( ?
> >
> Thanks for the reference! I didn't know about any of these. It will
> probably be interesting to learn from them. From a brief look at OLAP
> in wikipedia, it may have similarities to OLAP. I don't think it will
> be related to Microsoft's language, because the language will simply by
> Python, hopefully making it very easy to do whatever you like with the
> data.

Glad it helped, I thought you were already familiar withe these. As for
MDX, I didn't mean you should use it instead of python or implement it
at the syntax level, but whether you consider an API with similar
concepts. Given your description below, I think you should by all means
take a look at MDX focusing on the concepts (datacubes, dimensions,
hierarchies, levels, measures, etc.) and the functions, not its syntax.
Here's a decent manual I found online


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