Newbie Question

Saint Malo samaloth at
Mon Jun 19 23:38:05 CEST 2006

Thanks!  That helped a lot!  Now, lets say that I just want to display
one or just a few of the items and not the whole line.  For example,
the text file contains the following:

red blue yello
green purple brown

If the program searches for blue, i just want it to print blue, not the
whole line.  If i ask it to find blue and brown, i just want it to
return those two values.

Andrew Robert wrote:
> Saint Malo wrote:
> > I am new to programming, and I've chosen python to start with. I wrote
> > a simple program that asks several questions and assings each one of
> > them a variable via raw_input command.  I then combined all the
> > variables into one like this a = b + c + d.  After this I wrote these
> > values to a file.  What I want to do now is be able to search through
> > the file for any data in there.  Is this possible?
> >
> Most certainly.
> It depends on how you want to treat the read data.
> for example
> # Open a file for read
> file=open(r'test.txt','r')
> # Read each line in file
> for line in file
>    #Search each line
>    if "A" in line:
>         print "I found A"
> file.close()

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