Absolute noob to Linux programming needs language choice help

James Stroud jstroud at ucla.edu
Wed Jun 21 04:09:10 CEST 2006

stylecomputers at gmail.com wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I am absolutely new to Linux programming, with no w######s programming
> experience except a small amount of C++ console apps.
> Reasonably new to Linux, BSD etc, got good sound networking base of
> knowledge and dont have any problem working the command line etc.
> I want to learn a language that I can use in my networking duties that
> is most likely to be of use to me. I have a few choices I can think of
> being:
> Python
> Perl
> C
> Any other Langs out there that would be better suited?
> I want to be able to use the app's I write in OpenBSD and RH versions
> of Linux
> What would you reccomend (Unbiased opinion please, I'm after the
> functionality I'll love it later :) )
> Cheers
> Ty

Yes python will be good for this. I'm not so sure C is better suited. 
Definitely resist "shell scripting". Several chapters in Mark Lutz's 
_Programming Python_ will help with networking (after you have read 
through _Learning Python_ or equivalent). NewRiders publishes _Python 
Web Programming_ authored by Steve Holden, who visits this list on occasion.


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