TreeCtrl to TreeListCtrl

Frank Niessink frank at
Mon Jun 5 11:01:43 CEST 2006

sendhil kumar:
> Hi all,
> whwn working with xml connectvity to python, i have a
> sash window, in which first window has a Tree Control
> that has 'n' parent fields preceded by + sign and on
> leftdown  all the childs got from external xml file.
> when the particular parent field is selected and
> dragged, it must get posted to the other sash window
> which should in TreeList Control, bcoz iam displaying
> numerous xml attributes of the parent and following
> 'n' number of childs from xml.
> Now, iam facing a problem in implementing with
> TreeListCtrl, but it works fne with ListCtrl...

And what exactly is your problem?

Cheers, Frank

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