hard to explain for a french ;-)

Daniel Nogradi nogradi at gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 19:54:10 CEST 2006

> hi everybody,
> i have a problem with a script.
> after a research with my directory, i want to do a popup of a person's
> photo but i don't know the syntax (i'm a newbie) :
> with a javascript : <a target="_blank" tal:attributes="href
> python:"javascript:popup(/intranet/nom_agents/'+result.fullname+'/photo)
> "">Popup</a> don't work
> with the function window.open : <a href="#"
> tal:attributes="python:onClick string:javascript:window.open(/Popup
> <http://intranet/nom_agents/'+result.fullname+'/photo)>
> intranet/nom_agents/'+result.fullname+'/photo)">Popup</a> don't work
> i try that :
> <a target="_blank" tal:attributes='href
> python:"/intranet/nom_agents/"+result.fullname+"/photo"'><img
> src="user.gif"></a> it's good but, it's open the photo in a large
> window, not in a popup.
> do you understand my problem ? (it's not easy to explain that in english
> for me)
> thank you for all and have a good day.
> Bruce

As explained in this thread
what you try to do will never work because your attempts are at using
python on the client side and only javascript works for that purpose.
But for this popup thing javascript is just fine so if all you want to
do is this then you don't need python at the first place.


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