Error in Chain of Function calls (Code Attached)

Girish Sahani girish at
Sat Jun 10 01:51:09 CEST 2006

Thanks for the help boris....i'll try using sets instead of lists
But i dont understand the point below...full traceback means what :-?
> Girish Sahani wrote:
>>>> However i am getting an error at the line marked with ***.
>>> Which error ? How do you hope us to be of any help here if you don't
>>> *at
>>> least* provide the full traceback ? FWIW, the canonical way to do
>>> things
>>> is to:
>>> - provide minimal *runnable* code exposing the problem
>>> - explain what you hoped to get
>>> - explain what you got instead (including full traceback)
>>> As a matter of fact, it's often the case that one solves the problem
>>> when working on the first point !-)
>>> (snip)
>> Ohh...I was thinking that posting the whole code would not be a good
>> idea.
> And what changed your mind ? Please note the word "minimal" in bruno's
> sentence
> about submitting your code. And also the request for explanations.
>> The error i get above is:
>> line 266, in colocationMiner
>> prunedNew = genColocations(prunedK)
> OTOH, bruno asked for the full traceback, that's not it - that's not "the
> error"
> in any constructive sense, neither its type nor its real location.
> --

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